New Life

I am living in Japan now.
The journey to Tôkyô was a long one, it took over a months through Latvia, via busses Transsiberian Railway through Russia / Siberia, Mongolia’s Ulaan Baatar and steppe, China’s Beijing and Japans Kobe and Ôsaka. I can recommend it to everybody, especially the Mongolian steppe is breathtaking and life of the nomads a fundamental lifechanging experience.
I am an “Assistant Creator”, hired as retoucher by the fabulous “Japan Digital Image” company. Check them out at!
As I am doing professional, commercial work now, I hope to dive into more abstract and experimental photography and design in my spare time.

Right now I am working on a travel diary from the last few months, and of course I have many ideas for new photo series and still thousands of photos to go through that I took in the last months. And a new website design is on the way. This year is another busy one!
Stay with me and enjoy the ride!

Woman on a bicycle in Beijing.
View Large On Black


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