Local Hair Stylists in Frankfurt

Long time no update.

I graduated a week ago and am now officially M.A. (Master) of art education and japanese studies. Currently working for a few weeks at a “normal job” and saving money to go to Japan again. So, quiet busy.

I did have an assignment a few weeks ago though. A local hair stylist just opened up and asked me to take a picture for an ad. Since it had to be done quick and it was just for a local newspaper I didn’t go for something totally wacky edgy, but something that would make people feel that these two hair stylists are young, pretty and have self-esteem.

Sometimes I wish I had more strobes and more time. I would have loved to sculpture the hair saloon with light, because it is quiet fashionable and would need more attention than just a overhead strobe…

Strobist: SB-28 through umbrella high, camera right; SB-24 in the middle of the room aimed at ceiling; SB-600 far right as a kicker (didn’t trigger)

Photoshop: Vibrance, Saturation, Contrast, LAB-Curves, Sharpening etc…

View Large

The above photo is my choice, they used a different one for the advertising:
Relax'N - Scanned Ad

They are very friendly and the service is great. You can feel quiet at ease, as their name suggests: “Relax’N”. Located in Oberrad / Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Give them a call:
069 – 59 60 74 67


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