In the Garden

Photoshop – I have a love/hate relationship in the sense that I prefer rather ‘original’/raw pictures. I like to plan things ahead and would rather use photoshop as little as possible, preferably not at all, like with this photo of my hair styles shooting. But on the other hand it is fun and can have such an impact on your photo. And you never have anything raw – every picture has to go through the settings in your camera, white balance, developing (either real or virtual), and in modern age it even depends on the monitor you use how the picture will look like!
In this case I was just doing some personal portraits for my pretty cousin Julia and liked this picture so much that I wanted to add something and make it really pop. I wanted to try something different than my usual postprocessing and I like the effect the blur has on the image…

Strobist: (lightly diffused) SB-600 camera left

Postprocessing: Colors, Contrast, Blur, Retouching etc…

View Large On Black


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